When and between whom did the major war treaties of Indian history take place?

There have been many war treaties from time to time in India and world history. Many history famous wars were fought between the princely states of India and the world. The differences between these princely states had also increased to such an extent that the British took full advantage of it. Many treaties were also signed between Rajputs, Marathas and Muslims. Most of the treaties in the history of India had only one goal, the rule of the Delhi Sultanate.

The British had achieved the rule of Delhi by their prudence and cunning and diplomacy, although they had to face a lot of troubles to establish their feet in India, yet they took advantage of the mutual divisions of the Indians, taking advantage of it for a long time. Kept a slave. Let us know about the names of the major war treaties in India and world history, between whom and when: -

List of major war treaties in world history:

Name of treaty Between whom When did it happen
Treaty of Alinagar Between Siraj-ud-daula, the Nawab of Bengal and the East India Company February 09, 1757 AD.
Treaty of Allahabad Between Robert Clive and Emperor Shah Alam II 1765 AD
Treaty of Masulipatam - February 23, 1768 AD.
First treaty of banaras Between Shuja-ud-daula the Nawab of Awadh and the East India Company 1773 AD
Treaty of Banaras II Between Raja Chet Singh and the East India Company 1775 AD
Treaty of Surat Between Raghova (Raghunathrao) and the British 1775 AD
Treaty of Purandar Between the Marathas and the East India Company 1776 AD
Treaty of Badgaon Between Col Karnak and the Marathas on behalf of the Government of the East India Company 1779 AD
Treaty of Salbai Between the East India Company and Mahadji Shinde 1782 AD
Treaty of Basai Between the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao II and the British December 31, 1802 AD.
Treaty of Devgaon Between Raghuji Bhonsle and the British December 17, 1803 AD
Treaty of Surji Arjungaon Between the British and Daulatrao Shinde 1803 AD
Treaty of Amritsar Between Ranjit Singh and the East India Company April 25, 1809 AD.
Treaty of Poona Between Peshwa Bajirao II and the British 1817 AD
Treaty of Udaipur Between the Rana of Udaipur and the British government 1818 AD
Treaty of Gandamak Between the Viceroy Lord Lytton and Yakub Khan, son of the deposed Amir Sher Ali of Afghanistan 1879 AD
Sugauli Treaty Between the British East India Company and Nepal March 04, 1816 AD.
Treaty of lahore Between the British and the Sikhs March 09, 1846 AD.
Treaty of Versailles Between Germany and coalition countries (UK, France, USA, Russia etc.) 28 June 1919 AD

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India War Treaties FAQs:

To end the Third Anglo-Mysore War, Tipu Sultan signed the Treaty of Srirangapatnam with the British. The treaty of Srirangapatnam took place on March 1792 AD.

The Indus Water Treaty is a treaty between India and Pakistan for the sharing of the waters of the rivers. According to this agreement, control of three "eastern" rivers – the Beas, Ravi and Sutlej – was given to India, and control of three “western” rivers – Indus, Chenab and Jhelum – was given to Pakistan.

On 17 May 1782, Scindia got the Treaty of Salbai between the Peshwa and the British after long negotiations between the representatives of the Maratha Empire and the British East India Company to end the First Anglo-Maratha War.

Leonid Brezhnev was the Russian leader when the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation was signed between India and Russia. Leonid Brezhnev was the former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Prime Minister of the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) deals with a ban on nuclear tests for the development of the arsenal.

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