History of Kanva dynasty and list of important facts:

History of Kanva Dynasty:
The Kanva dynasty or 'Kanva dynasty' or 'Kanvayan dynasty' (about 73 BC to 28 BC) was the ruling dynasty of Magadha after the Sunga dynasty. The Kanva dynasty was founded by Vasudeva. Vasudev was the minister of Devbhuti, the last ruler of the Sunga dynasty, Vasudev captured the throne by killing him. Vasudeva was the originator of the Kanva dynasty of Pataliputra. The tradition of preserving Vedic religion and culture was started by Shungo. He was continued by the Kanva dynasty. The last emperor of this dynasty, Sushmi Kanya was very incompetent and weak. And the Magadha region began to shrink.

The empire of the Kanva dynasty was limited to Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and many provinces declared themselves independent, after that his son Narayan and finally Sushmi who was deposed by Simuk, the originator of Satavahana dynasty. The first ruler of the Kanva dynasty was Vasudeva, from whose gotra the name of the gotra was derived. He was succeeded by his son Bhumitra. Coins bearing the legend Bhumimitra have been discovered from the Panchal region. Copper coins with the legend "Kanvasya" have also been found from Vidisha, as well as Kaushambi in Vatsa Kshetra. Bhumimitra ruled for fourteen years and was later succeeded by his son Narayan. Narayan ruled for twelve years. He was succeeded by his son Susharman who was the last king of the Kanva dynasty.

Important facts about Shishunaga dynasty:

  • The Kanva dynasty was originally a Brahmin by caste.
  • The Kanvas were believed to be the descendants of the sage.
  • After Vasudeva, Bhimideva got the power of the Kanva dynasty.
  • After the Kanva dynasty, the power came in the hands of the Satavahanas.
  • Susharma was the last king of the Kanva dynasty.

Suspect Attack:
The empire that Vasudeva had gained by killing his lord Devabhuti was the ruins of a vast mighty empire. At this time, the Shaka invaders were attacking India with great speed by crossing the northwestern border of India, due to which not only the remote districts of the Magadha Empire had left the empire, but there was chaos in the neighboring regions of Magadha as well. Vasudeva and his successors held the status of only local kings. His kingdom was confined to Pataliputra and its adjoining territories.

Rulers (Kings) of Kanva Dynasty:

There were only four kings in the Kanva dynasty, whose names are as follows:-

  1. Vasudev
  2. Bhumimitra
  3. Narayan
  4. Susharma

End of Kanva Dynasty:
At one place in the Puranas, the adjective 'Pranava-feudal' has also been given for the Kanva kings, which indicates that the Kanva king had also succeeded in getting other kings to accept his submission. But who was this king, there is no information available about this. Susharma, the last king of this dynasty, was killed around 28 BC. Simuk, the founder of the Andhra dynasty, was killed and with this the Kanva dynasty came to an end.

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