List of Ancient Dynasties of India and their Founder:

Ancient Indian history is very extensive which has witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties. In ancient times, India was ruled by several dynasties, the major dynasties being the Harayaka dynasty, the Nanda dynasty, the Maurya dynasty, the Pandya dynasty, the Gupta dynasty, the Kushan dynasty, the Chola dynasty, the Pallava dynasty, the Chalukya dynasty, etc., which ruled India for a long time. ruled the earth.

Here we are giving brief general information about the major dynasty, capital and their founder in ancient Indian history for the students preparing for competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, Railway, PSS, Bank, Teacher, TET and CAT. Very useful.

List of major Dynasties of Ancient India and their Founders:

Dynasty Founder Capital
Haryaka Dynasty Bimbisara Rajgriha Pataliputra
Shishunag Dynasty Shishunag Vaishali
Nanda Dynasty Mahapadam Nanda Pataliputra
Maurya Dynasty Chandragupta Maurya Pataliputra
Shunga Dynasty Pushyamitra Shunga Pataliputra
Kanva Dynasty Vasudev Pataliputra
Satavahana Dynasty Simuk Pratishthan
Kushan dynasty Kadphisus I Peshawar (Purushpur)
Gupta Dynasty Sri Gupta Pataliputra
Hun Dynasty Toorman Shakal (Sialkot)
Pushyabhuti Dynasty Narvardhan Thaneshwar, Kannauj
Pallava Dynasty Simhavarman IV Kanchipuram
Chalukya Dynasty Jai Singh Vatapi/Kalyani
Chalukya Dynasty Tailav II Manyakheta/Kalyani
Chalukya Dynasty Vishnuvardhana Vengi
Rashtrakuta Dynasty Dantidurg Manyakhet
Pal Dynasty Gopal Munger
Gurjan - Pratihara Nagabhatta I Malwa
Sen dynasty Samant sen Sea
Gahadwal dynasty Chandradev Kannauj
Chauhan Dynasty Vasudev Ajmer
Chauhan Dynasty Nannuk Khajuraho
Ganga Vansh Vajrahasta Varman Puri
Utpal Dynasty Avanti Varman Kashmir
Parmar Dynasty Upendraraj Dharanagari
Solanki Dynasty Mulraj I Anhilvad
Chola Dynasty Vijayalaya Thanjavur

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Founder of Indian Dynasty FAQs:

The Gupta dynasty was a Hindu kingdom of India. Who ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent. This period is considered by historians as the Golden Age of India.

The Great Wall of China was built during the reign of the Qin Dynasty. The construction of the Great Wall was mainly commissioned by the Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi.

Khizr Khan was the founder of the Sayyid dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate. In 1414 AD, Khizr Khan captured the power of Delhi.

The Chola dynasty of South India was famous for its naval power. The Cholas established a strong navy and conducted extensive maritime trade and naval expeditions. He had a well-organized fleet of warships which played an important role in expanding his empire and increasing influence in the Indian Ocean region.

The engraving work was first started in the famous Ajanta Caves during the Satavahana reign.

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