Names of major seas of the world:

Sagar or sea is the coordinate of all the oceans of the earth, which includes Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. However, sea can also be used in a smaller context such as Red Sea, North Sea etc. There is no particular difference between sea and ocean. Most of the sea passes around a piece of land, but this also does not always come under the definition of sea. Sergio Sky sea does not touch any piece of land. Seas are larger than lakes and their waters are saltier.

Covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, the ocean is a continuous body of salt water. The oceans play an essential role in regulating the Earth's climate, providing food and oxygen, maintaining biodiversity, and transportation. People have been trying to travel the ocean and learn its secrets since ancient times, but the scientific study of the ocean called oceanography is believed to have originated with the exploration of the Pacific Ocean by Captain James Cook between 1768 and 1779. from sea voyages taken.

The characteristic of ocean water is its being saline or salty. Water gets this salinity mainly from the solid sodium chloride, but in addition to the chlorides of potassium and magnesium, water also contains various chemical elements whose composition barely changes in different oceans spread throughout the world.

List of Major Seas of the World:

Location Name location Area
Greenland Arctic Ocean 21,75,000
New Guinea West Pacific 7,89,000
Borneo Indian Ocean 7,51,000
Madagascar Indian Ocean 5,87,300
Baffin Island (Canada) North Arctic Ocean 5,07,451
Sumatra (Indonesia) Indian Ocean 4,22,200
Honshub (Japan) North-West Pacific Ocean 2,30,000
Britain (Great-Britain) North-Atlantic Ocean 2,29,849
Victoria Island (Canada) North Pole Ocean 2,17,290
Issamere Island (Canada) North Pole Ocean 1,96,236
Sulovesi (Indonesia) Indian Ocean 1,78,700
South Island (New Zealand) South-West Pacific Ocean 1,50,460
Javadweep (Indonesia) Indian Ocean 1,26,400
North Island (New Zealand) Southwest Pacific Ocean 1,15,000
Cuba Caribbean Sea 1,11,000
Iceland North Atlantic Ocean 1,03,000
Tasmania South West Pacific Ocean 68,000
Sri Lanka Indian Ocean 65,600

Important general knowledge related to the major seas of the world:

  • Which is the largest island in the world? Greenland
  • What is the status of the world's largest island? in the arctic sea
  • Which is the second largest island in the world?: New Guinea
  • Where is New Guinea Island located? in the western Pacific
  • Which is the largest island group in the world? Indonesia
  • Which is the smallest island in the world? madagascar
  • In which ocean is Madagascar located? Indian Ocean
  • In which sea is the island of Diagon Garcia located? Indian Ocean
  • Which is the largest island of the Indian Ocean? Borneo
  • Which island is known as Agni Island?: Iceland
  • Which island is called the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean? Hawaiian Islands
  • Sandwich is the old name of which island? Hawaiian Islands
  • On which island is Jakarta located? Java
  • Which is the largest island in Asia? Bornia
  • In which country are the islands of Java and Sumatra located? Indonesia
  • How many oceans are there in the world? five oceans
  • Which is the world's largest ocean? Pacific Ocean
  • Which is the largest island in the Indian Ocean? Java

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World Famous Ocean FAQs:

The 'Dead Sea' is so called because of its high salinity, which is about 10 times saltier than average sea water. This high salinity makes it difficult for most types of marine life to survive, hence the name "dead" sea.

The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is located on the Chambal River in Rawatbhata, Rajasthan, it was completed in 1970. It is a gravity masonry dam.

Gandisagar Dam is situated at a distance of 168 kms from the district headquarter. The dam has been constructed on the Chambal river. The foundation stone for the construction of the Gandhi Sagar Dam/Power Station in the district was laid by Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on March 7, 1954.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth. The area of the Pacific Ocean is 6,36,34,000 square miles i.e. more than twice that of the world's second largest ocean, the Atlantic Ocean.

The Arabian Sea, whose Indian name is Sindhu Sagar, is a part of the Indian Ocean located between the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula. The Indus River is the most important river that flows into the Arabian Sea, apart from this the Narmada and Tapti rivers of India flow into the Arabian Sea.

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