Origin And Confluence of Major Rivers of The World:

Water is life and it is impossible to live life without water. The main source of water in the world is either the sea or the rivers. Rivers prove helpful in preserving human life and environment. Rivers also connect one city with another city, when it comes from the sea, then clouds and when it goes, it is called a river. A cloud is a flowing river, a river is a flowing cloud. Here you will read the major rivers of the world.

Let us read about the origin and confluence of major rivers of the world:

River Place of origin Place of confluence
Indus Sanokhyabab Glacier (near Lake Mansarovar in Tibet) Arabian Sea
Ganges Gangotri Bay of Bengal
Yamuna Yamunotri glacier (located on the western slope of Bandarpoonch) Prayag (Allahabad)
Chambal Jana Pav Hill (near Mau, Madhya Pradesh) Etawah (U.P.)
Sutlej Rakas Tal (near Lake Mansarovar) Chenab River
Raavi Near Rohtang Pass in Kangra District Chenab River
Jhelum Sheshnag Lake (near Berinag (Kashmir) Chenab River
Diameter Beas Kund (Rohtang Pass) Kapurthala (Sutaljanadi)
Kosi North of Gosaithan Peak River Ganges (south-west of Karagola)
Gandak Nepal Ganga (near Patna)
Ramganga Southern part of the Himalaya range near Nainital Ganga river near Kannauj
Sharda (Black Ganga) Kumaun Himalaya Ghaghra River (near Bahram Ghat)
Ghaghra or Karnali or Kauriala From Taklakot in Nepal River Ganges (on the border of Saran and Ballia districts)
Betwa or Vetravati Vindhyachal mountain (near Kumargaon in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh) Hamirpur (in Yamuna river)
Son Amarkantak hills In the Ganges river near Patna
Narmada Amarkantak (Vidhyachal Range) Gulf of Khambhat
Tapti Near Multai in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh Gulf of Khambhat (near Surat)
Mahanadi Sihawa (near Raipur district of Chhattisgarh) Bay of Bengal (near Cuttack)
Shipra Kakri Bardi Hill (Indore) Chambal River
Mahi Mehd Lake at Amjhora in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh Gulf of Khambhat
looney Nag Pahar (Aravalli Mountains) located in Ajmer district Run of kutch
Hooghly It is a branch of the Ganges, which separates from the Ganges South of Dhulia (West Bengal). Bay of Bengal
Krishna West mountain near Mahabaleshwar Bay of Bengal
Godavari A hill in Trimbak village of Nasil district of Maharashtra Bay of Bengal
Kaveri Brahmagiri Hill (in Coorg district of Karnataka) Bay of Bengal
Tungabhadra Gangamool peak to Tunga and Kadur to Bhadra (Karnataka) Krishna river
Sabarmati Jaisamudra Lake (located on the Aravalli mountain in Udaipur district) Gulf of Khambhat
Som Bichha Menda (Udaipur District) Mahi River (near Bapeshwar)
Pennar Nandidurga Hill (Karnataka) Bay of Bengal
Periyar (This river flows in Kerala) Pariyar Lake
Umiam Umiam Lake (Meghalaya) *
Bagai Near Madurai in Kandan Manikanyur (Tamil Nadu) Bay of Bengal
Southern Tons Tamsakund Reservoir (located in Kaimar hills) In the Ganges near Sirsa
Ayd or bedch Gomunda Hill (North of Udaipur) Banas River
Gomti Pilibhit Ganga near Saidpur
Indigo Victoria Lake Mediterranean Sea
Mississippi (Missouri) Red rock source Gulf of mexico
Amazon lago vicfero Atlantic Ocean
Yangxi Plateau of tibet China sea
Oboe Altai Mountains Gulf of Ab
Hangho Kunlun mountain Atlantic Ocean
Congo lualia Bay of chihil
Volga Saldai Plateau Caspian Sea
Brahaputra Manrasarovar mountain Bay of Bengal
Danube Black forest mountain Black Sea
Jambezi Wetlands of zambia Indian ocean
Sepik Mountains of papua new guinea *
Mekong Plateau of tibet *

Frequently Asked question:

Where is the Alaknanda river? The Alaknanda River flows in Devprayag, Uttarakhand, India. Where does the Bhagirathi river originate? Bhagirathi originates from the Gangotri glacier, 25 km long from the place of Gomukh. This place is in Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand. What is the rank of India in the production of milk in the world? India ranks second in the world in milk production. Where does the Ganges river originate? The main branch of the Ganges river is the Bhagirathi, which originates from the Gangotri glacier (GURUKUL) at a place called Gaumukh in the Himalayas in Garhwal.

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Famous Rivers FAQs:

The confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers takes place at a place called Rudraprayag. It is located in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Rudraprayag is also an important pilgrimage center of river Yamuna, where the river Yamuna also makes its origin unique.

Meghna is a Mahanadi which is found in Bangladesh. It is the confluence of the insular Brahmaputra River and the Ganges River. It is often referred to as Triveni Sangam, as it meets at Triveni, where all these three rivers meet.

The Indira Gandhi Canal brings water from the Sutlej and Beas rivers. The Indira Gandhi Canal provides irrigation water to an arid region starting from Ganganagar district in Rajasthan to Jaisalmer, the India-Pakistan border.

The name of the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river is "Devprayag". It is located in the state of Uttarakhand and is an important confluence of the river Ganges. Here both the rivers together form the river Ganga.

The Brahmaputra originates from the Chemayungdung glacier of the Kailash range near Lake Manasarovar under the name of Siang or Dihang. It enters India west of Sadiya town in Arunachal Pradesh.

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