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National Girls Day Brief

Every year 24 January is celebrated as 'National Girl Child Day' across the country. Indira Gandhi is remembered as the power of women on 24 January. On this day Indira Gandhi was sitting on the Prime Minister's chair for the first time, so it has been decided to celebrate this day as National Girl Child Day.

National Girls Day History

The Government of India had announced to celebrate 24 January every year as National Girl Child Day since 2008. International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated every year on 11 October by the United Nations.

National Girls Day Objective

  • The Girl child in the society gives new opportunities for the child and it is celebrated as a national work to increase the consciousness of the people.
  • Removal of inequality faced by the girl child of Indian society.
  • It should be ensured that due respect and importance is being given to every girl child in the Indian society.
  • It should be ensured that every girl child in the country will get all her human rights.
  • To work against the child sex ratio in India and change people's minds about girl children.
  • The couple should start with the girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of the girl child.
  • To Discuss the issues related to their Health, Honor, Education, Nutrition, etc.
  • Promoting gender equality among the people in India.

How to celebrate National Girls Day

To promote the status of girls in society, various programs are organized across the country to celebrate Girl Child Day. A big campaign is organized by the Indian government to increase the consciousness of people toward girls in Indian society.

In order to celebrate it as a national work, in 2008, the Ministry of Women and Child Development started celebrating National Girl Child Day. Through this campaign, the inequality faced by girls in Indian society has been marked.

To this day, various advertisements are run by the government with the message "Save the Girl Child" and on radio stations, TV, and local and national newspapers. NGOs and NGOs also come together and participate in this Festival to fight against the social stigma regarding the girl child.

Girl Child Rights in India:

The Government of India has taken various steps under various schemes to improve the situation of the girl children. some of them are:-

  1. The Government has banned child sex determination during pregnancy in clinics.
  2. Child Marriage of girl child is banned.
  3. Antenatal care has been made compulsory for all pregnant women to combat malnutrition, poverty, and infant mortality in society.
  4. The Government has started the Balika Bal Bachao scheme to save the girl child.
  5. The Girl child education situation in India has been improved through free and compulsory primary school education for girls up to the age of 14 years.
  6. In Order to improve the situation of girl children in India, the government has reserved one-third of the seats in local government for women.
  7. Legislature has introduced Anti-MTP, Anti-Sati Act, and Anti-Dowry Act to improve the status and employment opportunities of women.
  8. Five year plan has been implemented to pay attention to the status of education in the backward states of the country.
  9. There is provision for reimbursement of school uniforms, lunch and educational material for school going children and girls from SC/ST caste families.
  10. Kindergarten-cum-Shishu Sadans have been created to make it possible to take care of girl babies and attend primary school.
  11. Operation Blackboard has been organized along with other programs for teacher education to upgrade school service.
  12. An open learning system has been established for the convenience of the girls of backward areas.
  13. For the Girl child, it has been declared that the girl child should be provided equal treatment and opportunities from the very beginning to expand the opportunities for them.
  14. To Improve the livelihood of the girls in rural areas, the government has formed SHGs i.e. Self Help Groups.

Important Days of January Month - (National Days and International Days):

Day Event Name - Event Level
09 JanuaryPravasi Bharatiya Divas - National Day
10 JanuaryWorld Hindi Day - International Day
12 JanuaryNational Youth Day - National Day
24 JanuaryNational Girls Day - National Day
25 JanuaryNational Voters Day - National Day
26 JanuaryInternational Customs Day - International Day
30 JanuaryWorld Leprosy Day - International Day

National Girls Day FAQs:

National Girls Day is observed every year on 24 January.

Yes, National Girls Day is an National Day that is celebrated every year on January all over the India.

National Girls Day is observed every year by India.

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