NASA and IBM have collaborated to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) based models that will make it easier to gather advanced scientific information about Earth. Their AI-based model will make it easier to search, discover, read and analyze vast datasets that will help advance scientific knowledge about Earth and help the world adapt to a changing environment.

The technology used by NASA is considered to be the best technology in the world. The beauty of models is that they can be manipulated for many applications. IBM and NASA plan to develop several new techniques for extracting insights from Earth observations. The first model will be trained on more than 300,000 Earth science publications to organize them thematically and facilitate the discovery of new knowledge.

What is Foundation Model?

Foundation models are models that are trained on a broad set of unlabeled data, which can be used for a variety of tasks with minimal fine-tuning.

Important point:

  • Provides an easy way for collaboration goals to generate analysis and insights from these large data sets.
  • The company plans to apply combinatorial models – which are trained on a comprehensive set of data – to speed up the analysis of this data.
  • In recent years systematic systems of this type have been used to advance natural language reduction (NLP) technology. An example of a shortened version using NLP is ChatGPT.
  • NASA senior researcher Rahul Ramachandran explained that these foundational models can be used as zoning "for many downstream Glimpses".
  • The two organizations plan to work together on several projects to extract new places from Earth observation data.
  • By analyzing satellite data, it is hoped that this theory model will identify changes in natural form, consequential form, and wildlife habitats to help analyze the lake's Earth environment.

  Last update :  5 February 2023
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