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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionscrape or wear away by friction or erosion.
Hindi Meaning of Abradeघिसना, रगड़कर साफ़ करना, अपरदन करना, बारीकी से देखना, साफ़ करना
Synonyms of AbradeFret, Excoriate, Chafe
Antonyms of AbradeGratify, Please, Soothe

Use of "Abrade" word in sentences, examples

  • John Cena's warnings could abrade faith in the US political system. 
  • “So they clung to each other with a passion that could both soothe and abrade.” 
  • An inexperienced barber might give a bad haircut, or even abrade the scalp of an unsuspecting customer. 
  • Ranging in size from a basketball to a minivan, these bommies can abrade the galvanizing of your chain.
  • Using sugar as an exfoliant on the face can actually scratch and abrade the skin.
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