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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionregard with respect or warm approval.
Hindi Meaning of Admireप्रशंसा करना, गुण गाना, तारीफ़ करना, सराहना करना, पसंद करना
Synonyms of AdmireAppreciate, Praise, Value
Antonyms of AdmireBlame, Condemn, Disapprove

Use of "Admire" word in sentences, examples

  • He could not resist himself to admire his son, who got selected in national hockey team.
  • I really admire the majestic beauty of Taj Mahal.
  • Gandhiji is admired by everyone across the world.
  • His debut novel has been admired by the readers.
  • She admires her father because of his simplicity and honesty.
  • Chris Gale said: I admire all Bollywood heroines
  • "I admire him for it. I do. I admire him for it,"
  • I have come to admire her only over the past year. 
  • I also admire anyone who transforms their pain into power.
  • Gary Johnson is being criticized for having another “Aleppo moment” Wednesday after he was unable to name a foreign leader he admired.

Similar words of "Admire"

Abhorघृणा करना, नफरत करना, झिझकना, निन्दा करना, घृणित समझना, नापसंद करना
Abominateनफरत करना, नापसंद करना, घृणा करना, झिझकना, अनिच्छा प्रकट करना
Appreciateप्रशंसा करना, महत्व समझना, मान करना, महत्व देना
Despiseघटिया समझना, तुच्छ समझना, निम्न समझना, उपेक्षा करना, घृणा करना, तिरस्कार करना, दूर भागना
Scornठुकराना, नफरत,तिरस्कार,उपहास,इन्कार करना, तुच्छ, समझना, हंसी उड़ाना

Admire FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Admire is, प्रशंसा करना, गुण गाना, तारीफ़ करना, सराहना करना, पसंद करना.

Similar words for Admire are Appreciate, Praise, Value.

The Definition of Admire is regard with respect or warm approval..

Blame, Condemn, Disapprove, are antonyms of the Admire word.

Admire is a verb word.

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