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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona state of agitation or fuss.
Hindi Meaning of Adoबतंगड़, शर्म, हलचल, दौड़-धुप, कष्ट गड़बड़ी, झमेला, बखेड़ा
Synonyms of AdoBustle, Activity, Commotion
Antonyms of AdoAid, Convenience, Help

Use of "Ado" word in sentences, examples

  • Much Ado About Nothing and the Two Weeks From Hell
  • KCR makes Asifabad a district without much ado
  • But for the four actors in Much Ado About Nothing, this is their first visit to India.
  • The entire birther controversy is therefore much ado about nothing.
  • Surprisingly Much Ado About Nothing is actually the first Shakespeare that I've been to see at Colchester's Mercury Theatre. 

Ado FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Ado is, बतंगड़, शर्म, हलचल, दौड़-धुप, कष्ट गड़बड़ी, झमेला, बखेड़ा.

Similar words for Ado are Bustle, Activity, Commotion.

The Definition of Ado is a state of agitation or fuss..

Aid, Convenience, Help, are antonyms of the Ado word.

Ado is a Noun word.

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