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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondescended from the same male ancestor
Hindi Meaning of Agnateसगोत्र, पिता पक्ष का, पैतृक, बपौती,अभिभावकीय, कुटुम्बी, सजातीय, रिश्तेदारी
Synonyms of AgnateAlike, Allied, Cognate
Antonyms of AgnateAlien, Disconnected, Unrelated

Use of "Agnate" word in sentences, examples

  • This unnamed masterpiece also comes with toasted marshmallows, streusel crumble and dark chocolate agnate.
  • You use agnate, enate, palaeograhy, and matrilineal in sentences and know the difference.
  • The key is to note that internal audit is agnate to any other business process.
  •  The Nissan Altima is not fast to accretion drive and lacks the proficiency of added agnate dimensions models.
  • We can dazzle folks with our understanding of 'agnate' and 'enate'.

Similar words of "Agnate"

Cognateसजातीय, नातेदार, सम्बन्धी, सगोत्र, सजातीय, सदृश, समान गुणवाला
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