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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionbrisk and cheerful readiness.
Hindi Meaning of Alacrityततपरता, फुर्ती, जल्दबाजी, शीघ्रता, दुर्गति, जोश, उत्साह, सरगर्मी
Synonyms of AlacrityReadiness, Quickness, Promptness
Antonyms of AlacrityAversion, Reluctance, Clisinclination

Use of "Alacrity" word in sentences, examples

  • It also helps the elderly maintain mental alacrity.
  • I will cast my own vote for Hillary Clinton with alacrity and confidence.
  • However, the same alacrity was missing in constructing the link roads connecting the localities with GT Road. 
  • This horse came off the Flat and like many that did, he does not jump fences with much alacrity. 
  • That is why writing him off is tricky as he mutates and metamorphoses with alacrity. 

Alacrity FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Alacrity is, ततपरता, फुर्ती, जल्दबाजी, शीघ्रता, दुर्गति, जोश, उत्साह, सरगर्मी.

Similar words for Alacrity are Readiness, Quickness, Promptness.

The Definition of Alacrity is brisk and cheerful readiness..

Aversion, Reluctance, Clisinclination, are antonyms of the Alacrity word.

Alacrity is a Noun word.

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