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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionto make feel isolated someone
Hindi Meaning of Alienateसंक्रमित, हस्तान्तरित, विमुख, दूर
Synonyms of AlienateDisunite, Estrange, Distance
Antonyms of AlienateDisarm, Be Friendly, Conciliate

Use of "Alienate" word in sentences, examples

  • Kaine's Debate Performance Could Alienate Voters
  • So I thought I would put together a few tips and tricks on how to alienate guests and visitors digitally in a jiffy. 
  • RINL said they would alienate the land only after obtaining all the clearances.
  • After the American invasion of Iraq, the Sunni Arab minority was systematically persecuted and have thus been seriously alienated.
  • Striking that balance that doesn't alienate people who don't care about Warcraft is difficult, but author Monroe-Cassel manages it.

Similar words of "Alienate"

Estrangeमनमुटाव पर्दा करना, चित्त फेर लेना, दूर कर देना, विमुख हो जाना, पृथक करना, खिंच लेना

Alienate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Alienate is, संक्रमित, हस्तान्तरित, विमुख, दूर.

Similar words for Alienate are Disunite, Estrange, Distance.

The Definition of Alienate is to make feel isolated someone.

Disarm, Be Friendly, Conciliate, are antonyms of the Alienate word.

Alienate is a verb word.

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