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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshowing a disinterested in front of people
Hindi Meaning of Altruisticस्वार्थहीन, नि:स्वार्थ, परोपकार, भद्र, दयालु, सह्रदय, सौम्य, अनुग्रही
Synonyms of AltruisticBeneficent, Benevolent, Benign
Antonyms of AltruisticSelfish, Unsacrificing, Mercenary

Use of "Altruistic" word in sentences, examples

  • Facebook Has Paid Millions To Altruistic Hackers
  • The standout quality of millennials is that they are more altruistic and share professional expertise more willingly than my generation.
  • A key to generating trust is altruism. 
  • In other words, it lessened their likelihood of altruistic behavior and how much they cared about doing things that didn't help them.
  • You'll see how his actions were prompted by seemingly altruistic motives.

Similar words of "Altruistic"

Benignअनुकूल, कृपालु, दयालु, कृपाशील, भद्र-मामूली, सुसाध्य, सुहाना, सौम्य, हितकारी, मृदु स्वाभाव
Philanthropicपरोपकारी, लोक-हितैषी, लोकोपकारी, सर्वजन उपकारी, दयालु, शुभचिंतक

Altruistic FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Altruistic is, स्वार्थहीन, नि:स्वार्थ, परोपकार, भद्र, दयालु, सह्रदय, सौम्य, अनुग्रही.

Similar words for Altruistic are Beneficent, Benevolent, Benign.

The Definition of Altruistic is showing a disinterested in front of people.

Selfish, Unsacrificing, Mercenary, are antonyms of the Altruistic word.

Altruistic is a Adjective word.

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