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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionmake minor changes to something
Hindi Meaning of Amendसंशोधन करना, सुधारना, सुधर जाना, बदलना, उन्नयन
Synonyms of AmendImprove, Correct, Rectify
Antonyms of AmendBlemish, Impain, Worsen

Use of "Amend" word in sentences, examples

  • Some speakers said Sharia was not a man made law to be amended. 
  • Our state constitution is too easy to amend.
  • Backed by a campaign called Raise the Bar, the measure would make it significantly harder to amend the state Constitution.
  • An attorney for the defendant, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, opposed the motion to amend.
  • The Baywater development that was hinged on getting zoning changes appears dead after an application to amend the regulatiosn was pulled.

Similar words of "Amend"

Ameliorateसुधरना, उन्नती करना, सुधारना, धनी बनना, संपन्न बनना, समृद्ध बनाना, अलंकृत करना
Rectifyसुधारना, परिशोधित, करना, सन्मार्ग पर लाना
Redressदुरुस्ती, अन्याय का परिकार करना, मरम्मत करना, उपाय करना, सुधारना, बना देना

Amend FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Amend is, संशोधन करना, सुधारना, सुधर जाना, बदलना, उन्नयन.

Similar words for Amend are Improve, Correct, Rectify.

The Definition of Amend is make minor changes to something.

Blemish, Impain, Worsen, are antonyms of the Amend word.

Amend is a verb word.

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