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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionself-confidence or assurance
Hindi Meaning of Aplombआत्मविश्वास, सुरक्षा, शानचित्त, संतुलित, अव्याकुल, सुनिश्चित
Synonyms of AplombAssurance, Composure, Confidence
Antonyms of AplombGaucheness, Perturbedness, Discomposure

Use of "Aplomb" word in sentences, examples

  • "He's an experienced man and he's handled himself with aplomb, I have to say that. 
  • Street party situation handled with aplomb.
  • India top-order batsman swatted the pacemen past point with aplomb.
  • He is natural and displays the undercurrents of tension and his frustrations with ease and aplomb.
  • Before turning in, my wife noticed a slug on her pillow, but flicked it out the window with all the aplomb of a fisherman throwing back his catch.

Similar words of "Aplomb"

Equanimityधीरज, धृति, धर्य, समबुद्धि, संचितता, आत्मविश्वास, आत्मसंयत

Aplomb FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Aplomb is, आत्मविश्वास, सुरक्षा, शानचित्त, संतुलित, अव्याकुल, सुनिश्चित.

Similar words for Aplomb are Assurance, Composure, Confidence.

The Definition of Aplomb is self-confidence or assurance.

Gaucheness, Perturbedness, Discomposure, are antonyms of the Aplomb word.

Aplomb is a Noun word.

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