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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionrough and bad-mannered
Hindi Meaning of Boorishअशिष्ट, असभ्य, पुरातनपंथी, भद्दा, अनादि, मूर्खतापूर्ण, मोती बुद्धि का
Synonyms of BoorishCrass, Crude, Uncouth
Antonyms of BoorishCultured, Refined, Sophisticated

Use of "Boorish" word in sentences, examples

  • The boorish passenger who snaps their fingers at the cabin crew.
  • The subtext through much of the day was some fairly boorish behavior by far too many spectators.
  • Both victims recounted telling many people, including supervisors, about Fenerty's sexually boorish behavior. 
  • Hansard loophole allows boorish behaviour
  • It remains to be seen whether this uncouth, boorish egomaniac can wrest power from the kleptocrats who rule over us.

Similar words of "Boorish"

Churlishअभद्र, अशिष्ट, कंजूस, असंस्कृत, असभ्य, मूड, अनाड़ी। मुर्ख, बेतहजीव
Crassअनाड़ी, घना मुर्ख, मूर्खतापूर्ण, मुद, मोटा, अशिष्ट, असभ्य, बेवकूफ
Diplomaticकूटनीतिक, राजनयिक, व्यवहारकुशल, कौशल -सम्बन्धी, नीति-सम्बन्धी, कूटनीति विषयक
Genteelउबाऊ, कुलीन, बनावटी, ललित, शिष्ट, सभ्य, भद्र, विन्रम, सुशिष्ट
Loutishअशिष्ट, असभ्य, प्रताणपंथी, बेवकूफ, प्राचीन
Untouchedअशिष्ट, असंस्कृत, असभ्य, अश्लील, उज्दड़, गन्दा, भद्दा, मोटा, गँवारू, अधम

Boorish FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Boorish is, अशिष्ट, असभ्य, पुरातनपंथी, भद्दा, अनादि, मूर्खतापूर्ण, मोती बुद्धि का.

Similar words for Boorish are Crass, Crude, Uncouth.

The Definition of Boorish is rough and bad-mannered.

Cultured, Refined, Sophisticated, are antonyms of the Boorish word.

Boorish is a Adjective word.

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