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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionuncouth and aggressive; thuggish.
Hindi Meaning of Loutishअशिष्ट, असभ्य, प्रताणपंथी, बेवकूफ, प्राचीन
Synonyms of LoutishBoorish, Bungling, Cantankerous
Antonyms of LoutishPolite, Refined, Sophisticated

Use of "Loutish" word in sentences, examples

  • So it's a real mystery that it's considered desirable for him to also be more loutishthan either.
  • There's a loutish Lothario played by Billy Magnussen with a weakness for half-wit young models
  • lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour'.
  • The latest loutish behaviour – when would-be thieves smashed in newly-installed security door
  • The pawns in the show form a love triangle: the loutish American chess star, the earnest Russian champion

Loutish FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Loutish is, अशिष्ट, असभ्य, प्रताणपंथी, बेवकूफ, प्राचीन.

Similar words for Loutish are Boorish, Bungling, Cantankerous.

The Definition of Loutish is uncouth and aggressive; thuggish..

Polite, Refined, Sophisticated, are antonyms of the Loutish word.

Loutish is a Adjective word.

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