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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitioncome together to form one mass or whole.
Hindi Meaning of Coalesceइकठ्ठा होना, एक हो जाना, एक साथ मिलना, जुड़ना
Synonyms of CoalesceCombine, Compound, Conjoin
Antonyms of CoalesceDivide, Separate, Disharmonize

Use of "Coalesce" word in sentences, examples

  • Data science and journalism coalesce for social justice
  • Donald Trump's "nasty woman" comment about Hillary Clinton into a t-shirt and says it's "another reason to coalesce" in this election season.
  • Kerr has been saying as much all summer and fall, and logic supports the fact that all teams take time to coalesce. 
  • As part of the effort to coalesce Republican support, Mr. Pence is scheduled to campaign on Wednesday in Utah.
  • Will more pundits coalesce around a third-party candidate? 

Similar words of "Coalesce"

Unifyजोड़ना, मिलान, एक करना, संगठित करना

Coalesce FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Coalesce is, इकठ्ठा होना, एक हो जाना, एक साथ मिलना, जुड़ना.

Similar words for Coalesce are Combine, Compound, Conjoin.

The Definition of Coalesce is come together to form one mass or whole..

Divide, Separate, Disharmonize, are antonyms of the Coalesce word.

Coalesce is a Verb word.

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