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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona wrongful person
Hindi Meaning of Fraudकपट, चल, ढोंगी, दगा, धोखा, धोकेबाज, नकली, जालसाज
Synonyms of FraudCheat, Swinclle, Charlatan
Antonyms of FraudHonest, Ethical, Forthright

Use of "Fraud" word in sentences, examples

  • The jurors at Jacques Corriveau's fraud trial will deliberate again on Monday after no verdict was reached over the weekend.
  • Two other people in Iowa are currently charged with voter fraud after they allegedly voted by mail and in-person.
  • Two men facing a total of 104 charges, including fraud and theft, had their cases adjourned until January. 
  • Thomas was arrested for welfare fraud in the fourth degree and grand larceny in the fourth degree. 
  • The police have booked five persons on charges of fraud in separate cases.

Similar words of "Fraud"

Charlatanकपटी, चालक, नीम-हाकिम, कौशल, सुगमता, सरलता, सुविधा, तेज़ी, होशियारी
Humbugछल-कपट, धोखा, धोकेबाज, पाखण्ड, बकवास, गड़बड़ करने वाला
Knaveधूर्त, धोखेबाज, पाजी, बदमाश, गुलाम
Quackशेखी, ढींग, दम्भी, बोली

Fraud FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Fraud is, कपट, चल, ढोंगी, दगा, धोखा, धोकेबाज, नकली, जालसाज.

Similar words for Fraud are Cheat, Swinclle, Charlatan.

The Definition of Fraud is a wrongful person.

Honest, Ethical, Forthright, are antonyms of the Fraud word.

Fraud is a Noun word.

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