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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot honourable in character or purpose
Hindi Meaning of Ignobleअधम, नीच, हेय, घटिया, निकृष्ट, अनुदार, मध्यम, घिनौना, घ्रणित, नीच
Synonyms of IgnobleMean, Sordid, Base
Antonyms of IgnobleDignified, Noble, Worthy

Use of "Ignoble" word in sentences, examples

  • In this final level one outlaw takes on the safe while another takes on the fuzz with a large shield to aid him or her in that ignoble quest.
  • Bigg Boss: The Ignoble reality show 19 October 2016, New Delhi, Ankita Chakravarti.
  • Everfair is a novel that braids the life-stories and ambitions of some of histories bravest heroes and most ignoble villains
  • It's a chance for forgiveness, a way to move forward with dignity from an ignoble past.
  • The final scene shows him succumbing to his wounds on a garbage heap, a seemingly ignoble death.

Similar words of "Ignoble"

Baseनीच, अधम, बेकार, कायर, स्वार्थी, खोता, गंभीर, घटिया, छोटा, उद्देश्य, सीमा
Sordidअनैतिक, कंजूस, कमीना, कृपाण, गन्दा, घटिया, मेला, लालची, लोभी
Vulgarगँवारू, ग्रामीण, अशिष्ट, अभद्र, असभ्य, जनसाधारण, देशी

Ignoble FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Ignoble is, अधम, नीच, हेय, घटिया, निकृष्ट, अनुदार, मध्यम, घिनौना, घ्रणित, नीच.

Similar words for Ignoble are Mean, Sordid, Base.

The Definition of Ignoble is not honourable in character or purpose.

Dignified, Noble, Worthy, are antonyms of the Ignoble word.

Ignoble is a Adjective word.

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