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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunable to take effective action
Hindi Meaning of Impotentअशक्त, कमजोर, दुर्बल, नपुंसक, पुरुषत्वहीन
Synonyms of ImpotentPowerless, Inadequate, Barren
Antonyms of ImpotentProductive, Capable, Strong

Use of "Impotent" word in sentences, examples

  • To the “Won't Voters” who claim conscience and will refrain from voting: Spare me your impotent morality.
  • After this episode Berengar was more discredited and impotent than ever.
  • Instead, she slumped against the wall, defeated by alcohol and impotent rage.
  • Our natural urge is to side with the lovely people rendered morally impotent by their conspicuous motivations.
  • Now Austin, who suffered a concussion in the accident, is on a mission to change what he calls Florida's impotent texting law

Similar words of "Impotent"

Fecundउपजाऊ, उर्वर, प्रचुर, फलदायक, बहुफलदायक, फलप्रद, उत्पादक, लाभकारी
Prolificउपजाऊ, उर्वर, फलदायी, सफल
Trenchantसुस्पष्ट, तीखा, पेन, प्रभावशाली, मर्मभेदी, अन्वेषण, भेदक, खोज किया

Impotent FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Impotent is, अशक्त, कमजोर, दुर्बल, नपुंसक, पुरुषत्वहीन.

Similar words for Impotent are Powerless, Inadequate, Barren.

The Definition of Impotent is unable to take effective action.

Productive, Capable, Strong, are antonyms of the Impotent word.

Impotent is a Adjective word.

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