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Word TypeAdjective
Word DefinitionPsycho or mentally ill
Hindi Meaning of Insaneउन्मादी, पागल, बेसुध, बददिमाग, विक्षिप्त, उन्मत्र, दीवाना
Synonyms of InsaneCrazy, Daft, Unsound
Antonyms of InsaneSane, Rational, Logical

Use of "Insane" word in sentences, examples

  • That films consists Insane comedy about a family of tragic misfits.
  • Insane Love Actually fact that's blowing people's minds.
  • There is so many boys who seems like insane.
  • When I was in new delhi I met insane boys
  • Do not acts like insane.

Similar words of "Insane"

Bonkersउत्तेजित, उन्मादी, सनकी, बावला, मस्त, विक्षिप्त, अजीब, खब्ती, भ्रांत-चित्त
Lunaticपागल, दीवाना, मूर्खता, विक्षिप्त, उन्मादी, दुर्गत
Preposterousअद्भुत, अनर्थक, अशुद्ध, असंगत, उपहासपूर्ण, अओंधा, बेढंगा, बेतुका, मूर्खतापूर्ण

Insane FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Insane is, उन्मादी, पागल, बेसुध, बददिमाग, विक्षिप्त, उन्मत्र, दीवाना.

Similar words for Insane are Crazy, Daft, Unsound.

The Definition of Insane is Psycho or mentally ill.

Sane, Rational, Logical, are antonyms of the Insane word.

Insane is a Adjective word.

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