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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfearless or adventurous
Hindi Meaning of Intrepidनिडर, निर्भर, बहादुर, साहसी, मजबूत, शूरवीर
Synonyms of IntrepidAudacious, Dauntless, Gallant
Antonyms of IntrepidMeek, Timid, Cowardly

Use of "Intrepid" word in sentences, examples

  • If we were to boycott every country with a law or activity that someone at Intrepid disagreed with.
  • Intrepid Travel is claiming an industry first by targeting the market for single parents and their children with a range of packages
  • Intrepid Group has gone from strength to strength in recent years
  • Intrepid Women at the S.H.Ervin Gallery is the latest instalment in this ongoing work of restitution.
  • Ed Bagdasarian is chief executive of Intrepid Investment Bankers

Similar words of "Intrepid"

Doughtyनिर्भीक, हिम्मती, पराक्रमी, निडर, साहसी

Intrepid FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Intrepid is, निडर, निर्भर, बहादुर, साहसी, मजबूत, शूरवीर.

Similar words for Intrepid are Audacious, Dauntless, Gallant.

The Definition of Intrepid is fearless or adventurous.

Meek, Timid, Cowardly, are antonyms of the Intrepid word.

Intrepid is a Adjective word.

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