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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitioninsulting or abusing someone
Hindi Meaning of Invectiveअपवाद, अपशब्द, आक्षेप, गाली, तन, निंदा, कटु शब्द, अपशब्द कहना
Synonyms of InvectiveAbuse, Obloquy, Revilement
Antonyms of InvectiveCompliment, Flattery, Praise

Use of "Invective" word in sentences, examples

  • An Indian American entrepreneur and his friends were subjected to hate-filled invective
  • It now appears that the latter invective is unfair.
  • Batshuayi was the target of invective from the stands.
  • President Trump's alleged invective, mislabelling African states 
  • The anti-fund manager invective is misdirected.

Similar words of "Invective"

Obloquyकलंक, निंदा, बदनामी, बुराई, कड़ी टीका, सार्वजानिक अपमान, मिथ्या आरोप
Scurrilousअभद्र, अपमानजनक, फूहड़, बदजुबान, बद्तमीज
Vituperativeनिंदात्मक, हानिकारक, जलाने वाला, अनुचित, अपमानजनक, अत्याचारपूर्ण

Invective FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Invective is, अपवाद, अपशब्द, आक्षेप, गाली, तन, निंदा, कटु शब्द, अपशब्द कहना.

Similar words for Invective are Abuse, Obloquy, Revilement.

The Definition of Invective is insulting or abusing someone.

Compliment, Flattery, Praise, are antonyms of the Invective word.

Invective is a Noun word.

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