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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionslower than desired or expected.
Hindi Meaning of Laggardसुस्त संस्था, व्यक्ति, मन्द गति, ढीला, सुस्त, फिसड्डी, कामचोर
Synonyms of LaggardLoiterer, Saunterer, Dawdler
Antonyms of LaggardQuick, Focused, Hardworking

Use of "Laggard" word in sentences, examples

  • The company has been a laggard in developing new products.
  • In the race, james was the laggard who finished in last place.
  • There is always one laggardwho comes in the theater after the movie has started.
  • America, the main laggard, is offering around 4 %.
  • As alaggard market in 2006, the Korean market has rebounded outperforming the region year - to - date.

Similar words of "Laggard"

Tardyमन्द, विलम्बि, सुस्ती, ढीला, दीर्घसूत्री, धीमा, बाकी, कालातीत, अतिदेय, अक्रिय

Laggard FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Laggard is, सुस्त संस्था, व्यक्ति, मन्द गति, ढीला, सुस्त, फिसड्डी, कामचोर.

Similar words for Laggard are Loiterer, Saunterer, Dawdler.

The Definition of Laggard is slower than desired or expected..

Quick, Focused, Hardworking, are antonyms of the Laggard word.

Laggard is a Adjective word.

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