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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definition having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste.
Hindi Meaning of Lusciousअति सुन्दर, आकर्षक, मधुर, मादक, ललित, सुस्वाद, स्वादिस्ट, आकर्षक स्त्री
Synonyms of LusciousSweet, Delicious, Appetizing
Antonyms of LusciousSour, Tart, Bitter

Use of "Luscious" word in sentences, examples

  • It's all very luscious.
  • This Glasgow bar wants to spice up your weekend with these luscious loaded fries. 
  • Dubai based beauty brand Luscious Cosmetics sent out a stock of products.
  • Whether glossy or matte, overlined, injected, lusciouslips are the thing.
  • Muslim women from gazing at luscious 'footballer thighs'. 

Luscious FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Luscious is, अति सुन्दर, आकर्षक, मधुर, मादक, ललित, सुस्वाद, स्वादिस्ट, आकर्षक स्त्री.

Similar words for Luscious are Sweet, Delicious, Appetizing.

The Definition of Luscious is  having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste..

Sour, Tart, Bitter, are antonyms of the Luscious word.

Luscious is a Adjective word.

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