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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionpresented in vividly shocking or sensational terms.
Hindi Meaning of Luridभड़कीला, सनसनीखेज, उद्देगशील, अप्रीतिकर, उद्देगपूर्ण
Synonyms of LuridMurky, Lowering, Wan
Antonyms of LuridBright, Luminous, Bright

Use of "Lurid" word in sentences, examples

  • A senior civil servant has said she never saw "lurid" industry leaflets promoting RHI as "burn to earn".
  • Another Life Term For Paul Dykes as Lurid Child-Rape Case Ends, Absent Reversal on Appeal.
  • Sensing some sort of lurid story, all five of them waited for her to speak.
  • The film had an R-rating because of its lurid depiction of the couple's sexual encounter.
  • A lurid tale of violence and betrayal.

Similar words of "Lurid"

Lividबहुत अधिक नाराज़, बदरंग, रक्तहीन, नीला, विवर्ण, भड़कीला, सनसनीखेज

Lurid FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Lurid is, भड़कीला, सनसनीखेज, उद्देगशील, अप्रीतिकर, उद्देगपूर्ण.

Similar words for Lurid are Murky, Lowering, Wan.

The Definition of Lurid is presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms..

Bright, Luminous, Bright, are antonyms of the Lurid word.

Lurid is a Adjective word.

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