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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona deviation from the perpendicular; an inclination.
Hindi Meaning of Leanपतला, कमजोर, दुर्बल, झुक जाना, तिरछा होना
Synonyms of LeanBony, Lanky, Meagen
Antonyms of LeanPlump, Chubby, Overweight

Use of "Lean" word in sentences, examples

  • Actually, there are a range of lean pork cuts available.
  • I'll start cooking lean and mean Dean specials.
  • Part of her wanted to lean against him, knowing he wouldn't turn her away.
  • If you lean on someone or lean upon them.
  •  She hugged his lean waist and smiled up at him.

Similar words of "Lean"

Flabbyकमजोर, थुलथुल, गिला, पिचपिचा, लचीला, ढीला, शिथिल, मुलायम, चिकना
Laconicछोटा, मख़तसर, रुखा, लघु, संक्षिप्त, अल्प शब्दक, बहुत छोटा, नपा-तुला
Lankyलम्बा, दुबला-पतला, कमजोर, निर्बल, मामूली, क्षीण

Lean FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Lean is, पतला, कमजोर, दुर्बल, झुक जाना, तिरछा होना.

Similar words for Lean are Bony, Lanky, Meagen.

The Definition of Lean is a deviation from the perpendicular; an inclination..

Plump, Chubby, Overweight, are antonyms of the Lean word.

Lean is a Noun word.

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