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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionmore merciful or tolerant than expected.
Hindi Meaning of Lenientकोमल, दयालु, नरम, मुलायम, कृपालु, अनुग्रहणशील, नाजुक, मध्यम, मृदु
Synonyms of LenientCharitable, Indulgent, Forbearing
Antonyms of LenientRigorous, Surly, Harsh

Use of "Lenient" word in sentences, examples

  • Abu Saqr also insisted that he is innocent and took a number of risks to show leniency to ISIS prisoners
  • If you look at them, they are too lenient” said Mr Tau.
  • Despicable' ambulance abuser's sentence too lenient says family who called 999. 
  • It was an "overly lenient sentence" for a convicted drunk driver
  • A former Arkansas judge who admitted he granted more lenient sentences to young defendants

Similar words of "Lenient"

Bigotedहठी, कटटर, धर्मांध, पक्षपाती, हठधर्मी, जिद्दी
Laxढीलापन, शिथिलता, आचार भ्र्ष्टता, उदास, विन्रम, धर्मभृष्ट, निर्बल, मंद
Sternसख्त, कड़ा, निर्गम, कर्कश, पृष्ठ भाग जहाज या नाव का

Lenient FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Lenient is, कोमल, दयालु, नरम, मुलायम, कृपालु, अनुग्रहणशील, नाजुक, मध्यम, मृदु.

Similar words for Lenient are Charitable, Indulgent, Forbearing.

The Definition of Lenient is more merciful or tolerant than expected..

Rigorous, Surly, Harsh, are antonyms of the Lenient word.

Lenient is a Adjective word.

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