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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionbright or luminous.
Hindi Meaning of Lucidचमकीला, साफ़, सुबोध, स्पष्ट, स्वच्छ, पारदर्शक, निर्मल, साफ़
Synonyms of LucidResplendent, Luminous, Pellucid
Antonyms of LucidTurbid, Muddy, Mystified

Use of "Lucid" word in sentences, examples

  • It was a lucid dream; half awake, half asleep.
  • He wrote several other works of the same nature which exhibit scholarly research and lucid arrangement.
  • Even though he was drunk, Henry insisted he was lucid and capable of driving home.
  • After staying up for twenty hours, I was far from lucid.
  • He is able to recognize his wife in his lucid moments.

Similar words of "Lucid"

Abstruseगुण, गोपनीय, गंभीर, समय, शांत, संतुलित, मर्यादित
Ambiguousअस्पष्ट, संदिग्ध, संदेहास्पद, दयर्थक, अनेकार्थक, अस्पस्ट
Articulateसन्धियुक्त, जोड़ा हुआ, गठजोड़, गांठदार, सुस्पष्ट, स्पष्ट, स्पष्ट उच्चारण करना
Muddyमटमैला, दलदली, गन्दा, दलदला, कीचडवाला
Opaqueअपारदर्शी, अस्पष्ट, धुंधला, मुर्ख
Pellucidस्वच्छ, चमकीला, साफ़, सुबोध, स्पष्ट, पारदर्शक, निर्मल
Profoundगाढ़ा, नम्र, निपुण, परम, विद्द्वान, विनीत, पारंगत, अगाध, अथाह, गंभीर, गहन
Transparentसच्चा, साफ़, स्वच्छ, स्पष्ट, निर्मल, निष्कपट, पारदर्शी

Lucid FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Lucid is, चमकीला, साफ़, सुबोध, स्पष्ट, स्वच्छ, पारदर्शक, निर्मल, साफ़.

Similar words for Lucid are Resplendent, Luminous, Pellucid.

The Definition of Lucid is bright or luminous..

Turbid, Muddy, Mystified, are antonyms of the Lucid word.

Lucid is a Adjective word.

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