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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionnoisy and uncontrolled
Hindi Meaning of Obstreperousकाबू से परे, उद्दंड, अनियंत्रित, बेलगाम, मुँहजोर, हुड़दंगी
Synonyms of ObstreperousIntractable, Docile, Fractious
Antonyms of ObstreperousOrderly, Compliant, Quiet

Use of "Obstreperous" word in sentences, examples

  • This realization is perhaps what has fueled the rise of the likes of the obstreperous, populist and misogynistic Miguna.
  • Given our chaotic and obstreperous past occasioned on us by civilians
  • There are far too many cases of obstreperous and belligerent supervisors who bring misery to the lives of those who they are paid to assist.
  • She blends sympathy with sarcasm as A runs through her obstreperous routines.
  • While the trial court's frustration with an obstreperous defendant is understandable, the judge's disproportionate response is not.

Similar words of "Obstreperous"

Clamorousकोलाहलपूर्ण, खुल्ल्म-खुल्ला, स्पष्ट, शोरगुल, चील्लाहट भरा, कर्णभेदी,, श्रुति कठोर
Recalcitrantउद्दंड, दुर्दम्य, हठी, अड़ियल, जिद्दी, सख्त, खूंखार, जंगली, प्रतिकूल, विमुख
Unrulyमुँहजोर, हुड़दंगी, अवश्य, उद्दण्ड, उपद्रवी, वेलगाम, अविधि, धर्मविरुद्ध

Obstreperous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Obstreperous is, काबू से परे, उद्दंड, अनियंत्रित, बेलगाम, मुँहजोर, हुड़दंगी.

Similar words for Obstreperous are Intractable, Docile, Fractious.

The Definition of Obstreperous is noisy and uncontrolled.

Orderly, Compliant, Quiet, are antonyms of the Obstreperous word.

Obstreperous is a adjective word.

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