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Word Typenoun
Word Definitiona very poor person
Hindi Meaning of Pauperदिन, भिखारी, दरिद्र, मुफ़लिस, रंक, संगता, अकिंचन, कंकाल, निर्धन मनुष्य
Synonyms of PauperBeggar, Indigent, Destitute
Antonyms of PauperRich, Wealthy, Affluent

Use of "Pauper" word in sentences, examples

  • MPs revolt over pauper funerals
  • The Prince and the Pauper with endless masturbation jokes and you're halfway there.
  • It's a million-dollar arrival in a pauper's paradise.
  • Committed to the almshouse, surrounded by pauper influences
  • The Gathering Arena should give us a chance to try the Pauper format, too, satisfying those looking for a more competitive spin on the game.

Pauper FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Pauper is, दिन, भिखारी, दरिद्र, मुफ़लिस, रंक, संगता, अकिंचन, कंकाल, निर्धन मनुष्य.

Similar words for Pauper are Beggar, Indigent, Destitute.

The Definition of Pauper is a very poor person.

Rich, Wealthy, Affluent, are antonyms of the Pauper word.

Pauper is a noun word.

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