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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionshowing sorrow and regret for having done wrong
Hindi Meaning of Penitentपश्चाताप, अनुताप, पछतानेवाला, मनोव्यथित, अनुताप, दुःखित
Synonyms of PenitentContrite, Regretful, Remorseful
Antonyms of PenitentContent, Satisfied, Defiant

Use of "Penitent" word in sentences, examples

  • Ponder and be penitent this week.
  • The tradition of the penitent prostitute has persisted in the Western tradition. 
  • The crosses were then lifted for at least five minutes for each penitent
  • By truly listening to the penitent during confession, "we listen to Jesus himself, poor and humble
  • Emma Gonzalez is the Lenten penitent, but it is our sin being inscribed on her body. 

Similar words of "Penitent"

Contriteअनुताप, दुखी, पश्चाताप, मनोव्यथित, उदास, विषादमय, पछतावा
Remorsefulपश्चाताप, अनुताप, मॉयथित, दुःखी, विषादमय, उदास, निराश, दयनीय

Penitent FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Penitent is, पश्चाताप, अनुताप, पछतानेवाला, मनोव्यथित, अनुताप, दुःखित.

Similar words for Penitent are Contrite, Regretful, Remorseful.

The Definition of Penitent is showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong.

Content, Satisfied, Defiant, are antonyms of the Penitent word.

Penitent is a adjective word.

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