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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionnever ending.
Hindi Meaning of Perpetualअनवरत, अविरत, चिरस्थायी, नित्य, निरंतर, शाश्वत, सर्वकालिक, सनातन
Synonyms of PerpetualCeaseless, Everlasting, Incessant
Antonyms of PerpetualEphemeral, Fleeting, Transient

Use of "Perpetual" word in sentences, examples

  • One of the best paying dividend stock on our list is Perpetual.
  • Following the Supreme Court's directives, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has sought perpetual arrest warrants for Hussain Haqqani.
  • The Southern Nigeria and Middle Belt Forum for Development (SNMBFD) says Nigeria will remain in a state of perpetual misery unless urgently restructured.
  • Hollywood's invincible heroes and perpetual villains leave him bored
  • Andrew Cannane was previously on the leadership team for Perpetual's corporate client services team

Similar words of "Perpetual"

Intermittentसविराम, रुक-रुक करना, चक्रीय, सामयिक, कदाचित, प्रासंगिक, अनियमित

Perpetual FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Perpetual is, अनवरत, अविरत, चिरस्थायी, नित्य, निरंतर, शाश्वत, सर्वकालिक, सनातन.

Similar words for Perpetual are Ceaseless, Everlasting, Incessant.

The Definition of Perpetual is never ending..

Ephemeral, Fleeting, Transient , are antonyms of the Perpetual word.

Perpetual is a adjective word.

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