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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionmake someone anxious
Hindi Meaning of Perturbव्याकुल कर देना, घबराना, बेचैन करना, घबरा देना, बढ़ा डालना, कम्र बिगाड़ना
Synonyms of PerturbAgitate, Bother, Flurry
Antonyms of PerturbSoothe, Please, Calm

Use of "Perturb" word in sentences, examples

  • By developing an optical tool that can read metabolism at subcellular resolution, without having to perturb cells with contrast agents.
  • As a genre intended to scare and perturb its audience.
  • Over time, planets in a system perturbeach other.
  • Achieving the control required the trim coils to perturb the magnetic field in a way that made clear the size of the error field.
  • The interest rate cut was widely expected by economists, as low inflation concerns continue to perturb the Latin American nation.

Similar words of "Perturb"

Satiateसंतृप्त करना, संतुष्ट करना, तृप्त करना, जी भरना, अधाना, उक्ताना, अतिरेक अजीर्ण

Perturb FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Perturb is, व्याकुल कर देना, घबराना, बेचैन करना, घबरा देना, बढ़ा डालना, कम्र बिगाड़ना.

Similar words for Perturb are Agitate, Bother, Flurry.

The Definition of Perturb is make someone anxious.

Soothe, Please, Calm, are antonyms of the Perturb word.

Perturb is a verb word.

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