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Word Typeadjective
Word Definition attractively small and dainty.
Hindi Meaning of Petiteनाती, छोटे कद वाली स्त्री, नन्हा-सा, छोटा, एक प्रकार का चूजा, स्वादिष्ट
Synonyms of PetiteBantam, Diminutive, Miniature
Antonyms of PetiteGiant, Huge, Tail

Use of "Petite" word in sentences, examples

  • Try a petite beef filet.
  • What better way to treat yourself than to buy Urban Decay's new Petite Heat palette.
  • Ever wish you could enter an Etsy shop in real life? You can at Blumenkinder's petiteretail store in Ballard.
  • The Missing Link Introduces Once Daily Dental Chew in Petite Size
  • The petite dental chew packs the nutritional power of the original superfood supplement into a perfectly sized

Petite FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Petite is, नाती, छोटे कद वाली स्त्री, नन्हा-सा, छोटा, एक प्रकार का चूजा, स्वादिष्ट.

Similar words for Petite are Bantam, Diminutive, Miniature.

The Definition of Petite is  attractively small and dainty..

Giant, Huge, Tail, are antonyms of the Petite word.

Petite is a adjective word.

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