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Word Typenoun
Word Definitionpraise
Hindi Meaning of Plauditsशाबाशी, साधुवाद, प्रशंसा,अभिनन्दन,स्तुति, स्वागत करना, वाहवाही, जयघोष
Synonyms of PlauditsAcclaim, Applause, Celebration
Antonyms of PlauditsCriticism, Disapproval, Vituperation

Use of "Plaudits" word in sentences, examples

  • Conor Murray Receives Huge Plaudits After Ridiculously 
  • Bale earns Zidane plaudits but Frenchman yet to confirm whether he will start against Juventus.
  • Rovers loanee Elliott Ward winning points and plaudits at MK Dons
  • Liverpool take the plaudits as Manchester City fall under the radar
  • First, let's deal with the praise, the plaudits, before ending this piece with the questions

Plaudits FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Plaudits is, शाबाशी, साधुवाद, प्रशंसा,अभिनन्दन,स्तुति, स्वागत करना, वाहवाही, जयघोष.

Similar words for Plaudits are Acclaim, Applause, Celebration.

The Definition of Plaudits is praise.

Criticism, Disapproval, Vituperation, are antonyms of the Plaudits word.

Plaudits is a noun word.

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