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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona preference or special liking for something
Hindi Meaning of Predilectionपूर्व पसंद, झुकाव, आकर्षण पक्षपात, पूर्वानुराग, अनुस्थापन, अभिविन्यास
Synonyms of PredilectionDisposition, Leaning, Partiality
Antonyms of PredilectionAntipathy, Dislike, Hatred

Use of "Predilection" word in sentences, examples

  • I think a dog's barking translates like a person's predilection to talk.
  • In real life Maynard shared many similarities with his best known character, a predilection for racehorses, greyhounds and booze.
  • Why aren't they writing about predilections?
  • Judge Martin Nolan said there was “no perfect solution” in relation to the man's “predilections”.
  • Information such as Online Recruitment industry predilection insights and drivers

Similar words of "Predilection"

Penchantझुकाव, प्रवृति, रूचि, इच्छा, तरजीह, पसंद, प्राथमिकता, वरीयता, अधिमान

Predilection FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Predilection is, पूर्व पसंद, झुकाव, आकर्षण पक्षपात, पूर्वानुराग, अनुस्थापन, अभिविन्यास.

Similar words for Predilection are Disposition, Leaning, Partiality.

The Definition of Predilection is a preference or special liking for something.

Antipathy, Dislike, Hatred, are antonyms of the Predilection word.

Predilection is a Noun word.

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