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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionspeak or act in an evasive way.
Hindi Meaning of Prevaricateझूठ बोलना, चल-कपट करना, ताल-मटोल. करना, गोल-मोल बाटे करना शब्द छलन
Synonyms of PrevaricateEquivocate, Palter, Shuffle
Antonyms of PrevaricateClarify, Agree, Tell Truth

Use of "Prevaricate" word in sentences, examples

  • Does Nigeria Still Have Time To Prevaricate?
  • He was not prepared to prevaricate on the question of state capture. 
  • They assess how to structure the most difficult deals, and how to counsel leaders who abuse, prevaricate and some who actually try to lead.
  • Never again will I prevaricate or omit or mislead
  • From there the rounds went quickly, placing Dominic in third place by his misspelling of prevaricate.

Similar words of "Prevaricate"

Palterमोलभाव, सोडा, समझोता, ख़रीद-फरोख्त करना, कार्यवाही करना, विभाजित करना

Prevaricate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Prevaricate is, झूठ बोलना, चल-कपट करना, ताल-मटोल. करना, गोल-मोल बाटे करना शब्द छलन.

Similar words for Prevaricate are Equivocate, Palter, Shuffle.

The Definition of Prevaricate is speak or act in an evasive way..

Clarify, Agree, Tell Truth, are antonyms of the Prevaricate word.

Prevaricate is a Verb word.

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