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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfussily and excessively respectable.
Hindi Meaning of Prissyनकचढ़ा, नखरेबाज, नियमनुकूल, आओप्चारिक, दुरुस्त, ठीक-ठाक
Synonyms of PrissyBluenosed, Genteel, Priggish
Antonyms of PrissyInformal, Casual, Unconcerned

Use of "Prissy" word in sentences, examples

  • 8 embellished fashion buys that are anything but prissy
  • A few months ago, Prissy would fuss at staff members, acting protective when it came to others caring for her pups
  • The video was posted by Instagram page PrissyPig, run by pig owner Melissa Nicholson in Florida
  • I also had visions of him telling everyone he met what a blockheaded jerk-ball I was, devoid of all empathy and understanding, and prissy in my foot-shuffling rectitude.
  • We're in a musty regional theatre and the prissy manager, Sheryl, has some bad news

Prissy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Prissy is, नकचढ़ा, नखरेबाज, नियमनुकूल, आओप्चारिक, दुरुस्त, ठीक-ठाक.

Similar words for Prissy are Bluenosed, Genteel, Priggish.

The Definition of Prissy is fussily and excessively respectable..

Informal, Casual, Unconcerned, are antonyms of the Prissy word.

Prissy is a Adjective word.

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