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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona poke with a finger
Hindi Meaning of Prodधक्का, अंकुश, उकसाहट, प्रेरित करना, कोंचना, खोदना, ठेलना, धकेलना
Synonyms of ProdFornerit, Goad, Impel
Antonyms of ProdRepress, Suppress, Dissuade

Use of "Prod" word in sentences, examples

  • SC prod on Lokayukta
  • Excellent hatches prod Lake Erie Committee to boost walleye quotas
  • Prod for PG courses to meet seat crisis
  • Safety prod for highway accident zone
  • Skill prod from child safety panel chief

Similar words of "Prod"

Motivateअभिप्रेरित करना, प्रोत्साहित करना, प्रेरणा करना, प्रवृत्त करना

Prod FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Prod is, धक्का, अंकुश, उकसाहट, प्रेरित करना, कोंचना, खोदना, ठेलना, धकेलना.

Similar words for Prod are Fornerit, Goad, Impel.

The Definition of Prod is a poke with a finger.

Repress, Suppress, Dissuade, are antonyms of the Prod word.

Prod is a Noun word.

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