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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionoffence or annoyance.
Hindi Meaning of Umbrageकोप, छह, चाय, रोष, तकलीफ, अपां, अप्रसन्नता, आघात, उल्ल्ंघन करना
Synonyms of UmbrageDudgeon, Huff, Miff
Antonyms of UmbrageHappiness, Love, Pleasure

Use of "Umbrage" word in sentences, examples

  • Thursday took umbrage against a senior lawyer for casting aspersions on judges that they were only asking
  • It wasn't just the ticket prices fans took umbrage with either, with many pointing out a glaring grammatical error on the post.
  • It appears Hannity took umbrage with Kimmel's recent commentary on Melania Trump's contribution to the White House's Annual Easter.
  • Brady also took umbrage with Taylor and Commissioner Chris See for declining a funding request in the Randolph County 
  • Taking umbrage to remarks made by an aspiring Telugu actress, film director Sekhar Kammula

Umbrage FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Umbrage is, कोप, छह, चाय, रोष, तकलीफ, अपां, अप्रसन्नता, आघात, उल्ल्ंघन करना.

Similar words for Umbrage are Dudgeon, Huff, Miff.

The Definition of Umbrage is offence or annoyance..

Happiness, Love, Pleasure, are antonyms of the Umbrage word.

Umbrage is a Noun word.

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