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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunwarranted or inappropriate because excessive
Hindi Meaning of Undueअनावश्यक, अनुचित, असहयोग, अयोग्य, असंगत, अदेय
Synonyms of UndueExorbitant, Excessive, Inordinate
Antonyms of UndueModerate, Reasonable, Sensible

Use of "Undue" word in sentences, examples

  • Recent Cases Address Undue Influence in Will Contests
  • Over the last several months, our courts have issued multiple decisions stemming from litigation involving claims of undue influence.
  • Serbian judges trained to counter risks of undue influence
  • A Tail Of Undue Influence?
  • Data Protection Bill comes with undue burden on small businesses

Undue FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Undue is, अनावश्यक, अनुचित, असहयोग, अयोग्य, असंगत, अदेय.

Similar words for Undue are Exorbitant, Excessive, Inordinate.

The Definition of Undue is unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive.

Moderate, Reasonable, Sensible, are antonyms of the Undue word.

Undue is a Adjective word.

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