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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncurvaceous and sexually attractive.
Hindi Meaning of Voluptuousआकर्षक, आनन्दी, भोगी, विलासमय, चटोरा, स्वादलोलुप, भोगवादी
Synonyms of VoluptuousEpicurean, Hedonic, Sybaritic
Antonyms of VoluptuousFlat, Underdeveloped, Ascetic

Use of "Voluptuous" word in sentences, examples

  • Rihanna Shows Off Voluptuous Body In Tiny Black Leather Mini-Dress
  • This voluptuous model photos go Viral
  • Showcasing her voluptuous curves in the barely-there number, Ashley revealed a golden tan in the clip
  • Kim Kardashian is going to keep her fans continuously glued to their phones as she releases a new sexy photo showing her voluptuous body.
  • Skye Wheatley shows off her voluptuous bottom while pulling on a pair of skin-tight jeans

Similar words of "Voluptuous"

Licentiousकामी, लम्पट, व्यभिचारी, स्वेच्छाचारी, अति स्वतंत्र, आवारा, बेफिक्र

Voluptuous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Voluptuous is, आकर्षक, आनन्दी, भोगी, विलासमय, चटोरा, स्वादलोलुप, भोगवादी.

Similar words for Voluptuous are Epicurean, Hedonic, Sybaritic.

The Definition of Voluptuous is curvaceous and sexually attractive..

Flat, Underdeveloped, Ascetic, are antonyms of the Voluptuous word.

Voluptuous is a Adjective word.

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