Gol Gumbad Bijapur Karnataka History and Interesting Facts

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Quick Facts

PlaceKarnataka, Karnataka, India
Construction in1626-1656 AD
ArchitectYakut Of Dabul
Height51 m (167.323 ft)
Opening Time10 am to 9 pm

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Overview

Gol Gumbaz or Gol Gumbad is the tomb of Muhammad Adilshah, the 7th emperor of the Adilshahi Dynasty, located in the city of Bijapur in the south Indian state of Karnataka. It is the second-largest dome in the world. Adil Shah was the ruler of the royal dynasty from 1460 to 1696. Despite being a simple construction, this dome is considered a victory pillar of Southern Architecture due to its Architectural Features.

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur History

It was built by the Yakut of Persian architect Dabul. The work of making it was started in 1626 and was fully ready in 1656. It took about 30 years to build this dome.

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Interesting Facts

  1. At the core of its structure is a cube with sides of 47.5 m (156 ft), above which is a large dome with an outer diameter of 44 m (144.35 ft).
  2. On the four corners of this cube, there are octagonal seven-tiered Attaalikaen or Minarets covered with a domed umbrella.
  3. Inside the main hall of the tomb, there is a quadrangular platform surrounded by stairs. There is a gravestone in the middle of this platform, under which its original tomb is built.
  4. In its large walled Garden, a height of 51 meters and an area of ​​1700 square meters were built for the tomb.
  5. There is a circular corridor on the inner Periphery of the tomb's dome, which the British named "Whispering Gallery" i.e. Whispering Corridor.
  6. After entering the main hall, more than 100 narrow steps have to be climbed to climb up. This is a seven-story climb. But the climb becomes interesting due to the resting places and vents on the way.
  7. It is the world's largest single-chambered mausoleum built at 18,000 square feet. No middle base is used in its construction.
  8. In this gallery, the sound is echoed 7 times and is heard very clearly from one side to the other.
  9. The entry fee for this building, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India, is Rs.15. Camera or video camera charges are separate.
  10. There is also a cloakroom near the ticket house, where you can deposit your bags etc. The Clock Room fee is Rs 10 per piece (item).
  11. There is a museum within the complex. This museum was established in 1892 during British rule.
  12. Its most special thing is that it is the largest dome in India.
  13. This dome is the second-largest domed monument in the world after St. Peters.
  14. A very beautiful view of the entire Bijapur city is visible from the top of the Gol Gumb.
  15. There is also a canteen inside the Gol Gumbaz, along with a good arrangement for food and drink outside.
  16. Every year lakhs of people from all over the world come to visit Karnataka to see the beauty of this dome.
  17. Its distance is just two kilometers from the railway station. You can reach here easily by paying 10 rupees by auto rickshaw.
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