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Through this post, we will know important and interesting facts related to Rukhmabai Raut (रखमाबाई राऊत) such as his personal information, education and career, achievement and awards and other information. Important facts related to Rukhmabai Raut given here, have been collected from various sources, this will help you in preparing for competitive exams questions.

Brief information about Rukhmabai Raut

NameRukhmabai Raut (रखमाबाई राऊत)
NicknameRakhmabai Janardan Sawe
Date of Birth22 November 1864
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra (British India)
Death Aniversary25 September 1955
Mother & Father NameJayantibai / Janardan Pandurang
Achievement1894 - India's first female doctor
Profession / CountryFemale / Doctor / India

Rukhmabai Raut (रखमाबाई राऊत)

Rakhmabai Raut was the first woman doctor of India. Rakhmabai was born on 22 November 1864 in Mumbai to a carpenter community in Mumbai, Maharashtra (British India). Internet search company Google India has paid tribute to Rakhmabai Raut's 153rd birthday on November 22, 2017, through a doodle. In this doodle, Rakhmabai is shown in a sari with a stethoscope, behind her is a picture of Ward, in which the patient is seen lying and the nurse working. She was an excellent doctor as well as an intense feminist woman.

Birth info about Rukhmabai Raut

Rakhmabai was born on 22 November 1864 in Mumbai to a carpenter community in Mumbai, Maharashtra (British India). His father's name was Janardan Pandurang and mother's name was Jayantibai. Her father died when she was two years old. His mother later married Dr. Sakharam Arjun, a noted physician and social worker in Bombay.

Death info about Rukhmabai Raut

Rakhmabai Raut died of lung cancer on 25 September 1955 (aged 90).

Education info of Rukhmabai Raut

11-year-old Rukhmabai was married to her stepfather's cousin, 19-year-old grandfather, Bhikaji. Bhikaji stopped his education and forced him to stay with him. After this helplessness, both husband and wife started a ruckus. Her husband petitioned the Bombay High Court to keep her with him in the year 1884 stating that Rakhmabai did not live with her, the court asked Rakhmabai to either stay with her husband or go to jail. Rakhmabai replied that it is better to stay in jail than to be with her husband. She legally separated from her husband in the year 1888 and then went to England to study medicine. He earned a doctorate from the London School of Medicine.

Rukhmabai Raut Career Info

She is understood to possess practiced with feminine doctors for the primary time in colonial Bharat and was additionally concerned in a very legal legal suit involving her wedding between 1884 and 1888 within the kind of kid wedding. The case sparked vital speaking on variety of topics, together with law vs. tradition, social reform vs. conservativism, and feminism in each British-ruled Bharat and European country. This eventually contributed to the Age of Consent Act in 1891. In 1889, Rukhmabai established Pal to check medication in European country.

In 1894, he received his Doctor of medication from the London faculty of medication for girls, he additionally studied at the Royal Free Hospital. Dr. Kadambini Ganguly and Anandi Gopal Joshi were the primary Indian ladies to receive medical degrees in 1886. however solely Dr. Ganguly practiced the medical system, with Rukhmabai being the second girl to receive each a medical degree and follow medication. In 1895, she came to Bharat and worked as Chief medic at the Women's Hospital in Surat. In 1918, she turned down the supply of a task within the Women's Medical Service, instead of engaging at the Zenhana (Women's) State Hospital in Rajkot till her retirement in 1929. He established the nongovernmental organization Society in Rajkot.

Rukhmabai selected to settle in city once her retirement. Rakhmabai, with the exception of a doctor, had additionally done several things as a good giver, she additionally powerfully opposed kid wedding and purdah. once his industrious efforts, a law known as 'Age of Consent Act, 1891 "came into force.

Rukhmabai Raut Other Info

In 2008, the specifics of the legal case between Rukhmabai and her husband were published by author Ashok Chandra in the form of a book titled "Slave Daughters: Colonialism, Law and Women's Rights" (ISBN 9780195695731).

Rukhmabai Raut Awards and Honors

On 22 November 2017, Google celebrated Rukmabai's 153rd birthday with a Google Doodle on her Indian front page. Although it named him "Rukhmabai Raut", there is no evidence that he ever used the surname of his father, stepfather, or grandfather. She signed herself as "Rukhmabai" in her medical writings and her registration with the Registrar of the overall Medical Council conjointly uses solely "Rukhmabai". In 2016, Rukhmabai's story was transformed into a Marathi film, titled Dr. Rukhmabai, directed by Anant Mahadevan, starring Tannishtha Chatterjee, and produced by Dr. Swapna Patkar.

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