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Sagarmal Gopa Quick General Knowledge

NameSagarmal Gopa (Sagarmal Gopa)
Date of Birth03 November 1900
Birth PlaceJaisalmer, Rajasthan (India)
Date of death04 April 1946
Achievement - Author of the famous book 'Gundaraja in Jaisalmer'
Profession / Countrymale / Freedom Fighter / India

Sagarmal Gopa - Author of the famous book 'Gundaraja in Jaisalmer' ()

Sagarmal Gopa was a freedom fighter and patriot of India. He was a resident of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Sagarmal Gopa was the leader of the banned Praja Mandal. The people of Jaisalmer and adjoining areas were inspired to participate in the freedom struggle by the sacrifice of Saput Gopa of Rajasthan.

Sagarmal Gopa was born on 03 November 1900 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (India) into a prosperous Brahmin family. His father's name was Mr. Aakhya Raj. His father was serving in the state of Jaisalmer.
After the death of Sagarmal Gopa's father, he was arrested on 25 May 1941 on his return to Jaisalmer. And it is believed that he was burnt alive in prison. He died on 4 April 1946. A committee named Gopalswaroop Pathak was formed to investigate his death.
Maharaval Jawahar Singh, the then Maharaja of Jaisalmer, prohibited the printing and reading of journals in the princely state, where Sagarmal had established a library a hundred years ago. Sagarmal was also a part of Gandhiji's non-cooperation movement in 1921 and called on Jaisalmer to be a part of this movement. Jaisalmer and Hyderabad had restricted their entry into the state after seeing their revolutionary activities. Sagarmal Gopa also wrote two books in Jael, the famous books such as "Gundaraja in Jaisalmer" and "Deewan of Azadi" are the creation of these books. Enraged. Sagarmal was harassed. He moved to Nagpur. His father Akheraj Gopa died in 1941, when Sagar Mal Gopa returned to Jaisalmer to donate his father's body on 25 May. 1941 arrested on charges of treason and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of 6 years.
In 1986, the Government of India issued a postage stamp in honor of Sagarmal Gopa. A branch of Indira Gandhi Canal is also named after him, which is located in Rajasthan. Earlier this canal was known as Rajasthan Canal.

Sagarmal Gopa FAQs:

Sagarmal Gopa is to be known as the Author of the famous book 'Gundaraja in Jaisalmer' in .

Sagarmal Gopa died on 04 April 1946.

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