Sukhdev Thapar Biography and Interesting Facts

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Through this post, we will know important and interesting facts related to Sukhdev Thapar (सुखदेव थापर) such as his personal information, education and career, achievement and awards and other information. Important facts related to Sukhdev Thapar given here, have been collected from various sources, this will help you in preparing for competitive exams questions.

Brief information about Sukhdev Thapar

NameSukhdev Thapar (सुखदेव थापर)
Date of Birth15 May 1907
Birth PlaceLudhiana, Punjab, British India
Death Aniversary23 March 1931
Mother & Father NameRalli Devi / Ramlal Thapar
Achievement1926 - Founder of Naujawan Bharat Sabha
Profession / Countrymale / Freedom Fighter / India

Sukhdev Thapar (सुखदेव थापर)

Sukhdev was a prominent revolutionary in the Indian freedom struggle. His full name was Sukhdev Thapar. Sukhdev was a childhood friend of the great revolutionary Bhagat Singh. Who dedicated their whole life to free India from the British bond and together became a martyr for Mother India.

Birth info about Sukhdev Thapar

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born on 13 May 1905 in the Hauz Qazi area of ​​Old Delhi. His father's name was Colonel Jalanur Ali Ahmed and his mother's name was Sahibzadi Rukia Sultan. His father Zalnur Ali Ahmed was the first Assamese to have M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) and was also the first Indian to receive this degree from North-East India.

Death info about Sukhdev Thapar

He was the second Indian President to die in office on 11 February 1977. He died after falling into his office while preparing to attend his daily Namaz prayers. The cause of his death was a heart attack. Today, his tomb is located at Parliament Square in New Delhi, right next to the Parliament of India, next to the Golden Mosque.

Education info of Sukhdev Thapar

Zalnur Ali Ahmed, father of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, m. D. (Doctor of Medicine) was the first Assamese and the first Indian to receive this degree from Northeast India. He received his early education from the Government High-School of Gonda District and the Delhi Government High-School. He went to England for higher education in 1923, where he studied at St Catherine's College, Cambridge. In 1928 he started legal practice in the Lahore High Court.

Sukhdev Thapar Career Info

In 1925, Fakhruddin met Jawaharlal Nehru in England. Only he joined the 'Indian National Congress "and also participated in the Indian Independence Campaign. He held many important positions in the Congress Party. He was elected to the Assam Legislative Assembly in the year 1935. He was later in the year 1936. He became a member of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee. He then became the Minister of Finance, Revenue, and Labor in the State of Assam in September 1938. He was arrested in 1942 in the "Quit India Campaign" and spent three and a half years in prison. Was sentenced to. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed became a member of Delhi Golf Club and Delhi Gymkhana Club in the year 1961. He was also elected President of the All India Cricket Association in the year 1967. Ahmed was elected President in 1974 by Chief Minister Indira Gandhi. Was elected to, and on 20 August 1974, he became the second Muslim to be elected President of India. He was known for issuing a proclamation of the infant by signing papers at midnight after a meeting with Indira Gandhi the same day After being declared a baby boy in India in 1975, he exercised constitutional authority as head of state.

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