Physics: In this Chapter, you will read about Important Topics related to Physics. Before studying Physics, you need to know what is Physics? In Answer to this, Physics is a fundamental discipline of natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents, its motion and behavior, through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force.

Physics (8 LESSONS)

Physical Quantities, Standards and units: Here the names and units of Physical quantities of mass, Length/Distance, Time, Area, Volume, Speed, Velocity, Force, Density, Pressure, Work or energy are given.

Important Units of measurement and Types: Know Important units of weights and measures and their types, Definition of units and History of measurement and More.

What is read unit? Types of units, International Standard System of measurement or SI system, conversion of units from one system to another and units of mass, etc.

Let us know about what is sound, propagation of sound, acquisition of sound, speed of sound, effect of various factors on the speed of sound, electromagnetic radiation etc.

Catalyst Meaning, Types, Characteristics and Functions: Read Definition of Catalyst, Catalyst Characteristics, Types of Catalytic Actions and List of major catalysts and works of science.

Read Know what is an epidemic? Which is the worst pandemic in world history so far? What is Coronavirus?

Major Branches of Science and list of subjects studied: The study subjects of Holography is a scientific method of creating three-dimensional images from laser beams and the sun is studied in heliology.

Scientific Instruments and Uses: In this chapter, we will learn about major Scientific Instruments like Earthquake intensity measuring Instrument, Temperature measuring Instrument, Rain measuring Instrument, Milk measuring Instrument, Electrical measuring Instrument etc.


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Space Science
Medical Science